Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa | do you experience Bloating?

Do you experience bloating? Did you know that there are five valves that food must pass through that can cause you issues? Would you like relief from these experiences? Let us help you with some abdominal work that can be quite helpful. Call motility body work today to find out what we can do for you. Discomfort due to bloating does not have to be a part of your daily life. Sometimes we accept discomfort as conditions that are just part of growing older in life. We dismiss the fact that that discomfort doesn’t have to be an everyday experience. If you are an expectant mom and experiencing bloating as some do, contact us for the Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa today.

We are not a diagnosis facility. Would you not diagnose our patients with medical issues. There are medical professionals for that. We have patients that have been referred to from medical professionals. We would be happy to help you take those discomfort experiences to a more normal manageable level that creates a happier more positive position and your daily activities. Floating is one of the issues that we assist with. We can also help you with acid reflux, knee pain, back pain, tension, nausea, and pregnancy issues. For the Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa , give us a call.

We enjoy spending time making our clients more comfortable. Your sessions with us will last one hour. Schedule that first session today for $40. During our sessions we work with a variety of disciplines to increase your comfort levels. When we say massage most people understand we’re working with muscle. But did you know that bones and the organs within your body create discomfort when they get out of alignment as well? We work with all three of these disciplines to increase the Comfort levels you can experience daily. Each individual has their specific needs can we focus on each client core needs to develop a specific program that will bring them comfort. expectant mothers can enjoy the Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa at motility body work.

We want you to be comfortable during your session. Each session is approximately one hour long and requires movement. Please wear clothing that allows comfortable movement of your body such as yoga pants or activewear. athletic wear is designed to allow movement and let you be comfortable at the same time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us what you schedule your appointment. That first appointment is $40.

For Pain relief from pregnancy discomfort, acid reflux, menstrual pain, back pain, neck tension, anxiety causing tension, bloating and even knee pain and more give us a call and let us bring that Comfort back into your world today. New moms experience a world of discomfort what is accepted as normal. Please let us change your perception of this and bring you a level of comfort that allows you to enjoy your new experience. visit our website at www.motilitybodywork.com or give us a call. We are happy to schedule your appointment today. (918) 641-4410

Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa | do your hands fall asleep?

Do your hands fall asleep? Does this happen often? everybody has a specific alignment that it is used to following. What not alignment is out of order, whether it’s the alignment of your bones, the alignment of your muscles, or the alignment of your organs, it causes discomfort. Visit motility body work today and let us give you an assessment to find out how we can help you decrease your discomfort and increase your relaxation. Each individual has specific needs.let us address your specific needs today. If you’re a new mommy let us offer you the best prenatal massage Tulsa at motility Bodywork.

We’ve all had our hands fall asleep when we lay on them or our feet fall asleep because we’ve sat for too long. The feeling isn’t new. However when this happens on a regular basis, there might be a way to relieve this. The nerves and blood vessels that pass through neck muscles in chest muscles can be pinched causing things to fall asleep. There’s a way to relieve that pinching and attention release the flow of blood Antics that tingly fall asleep feeling. massage is a wonderful way to relax. If you are an expectant mom, let us offer you the best prenatal massage Tulsa at motility body work today.

We would love to schedule your one hour session with motility body work today. As we mentioned each individual is special and unique and it needs that they have. Let us assess your needs using the variety of disciplines ( the muscles, the bones, the organs) we are familiar with to bring Comfort back to your life. Whether you’re thinking about integrated Bodywork, women’s health, or prenatal care, there benefits to be experienced here for you. Give us a call today. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing to your first session. each session includes body movements and you need clothing that will allow you to do that. Yoga pants and athletic where is perfectly acceptable and probably the most comfortable type of clothing accessible for your sessions.

Allan Guenther has been married to Pam for 20 years and together they have six children. Five of those children were home births. we tell you this because we want you to know that we understand what it’s like for new moms. that new experience of acid reflux, bloating, neck pain, back pain, and more that most people expect and deal with during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a daily experience for that nine-month term. let us bring Comfort back into your daily life as a new expectant mom. For the best prenatal massage Tulsa contact us at motility Bodywork.

Your first session is just $40. Again our sessions last one hour can include a lot of movement so we’re comfortable clothing. Visit our website at www.motilitybodywork.com to find more information about the things that we offer you here at motility Bodywork. We have video testimonials provided by our clients to show you their achievements with us. we’re located inTulsa Oklahoma and look forward to scheduling your visit today. (918) 641-4410