Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa | you getting proper prenatal care?

Are you getting proper prenatal care? Do you still feel discomfort in your pregnancy?
People believe that discomfort is a way of life when you are a new expectant mom. Let us alleviate some of the myths and show you that discomfort doesn’t have to be accepted. Your body has a natural ability to heal itself. we focus on healing from the inside out. That healing ability manifests and a healthy body. most of us tend to be healthy however our body can experience this disalignment. Find the best Prenatal massage Tulsa with us at Motility Body Works. visit our website www.motilitybodywork.com or give us a call to find out more.

What do I mean by Disalignment? we work within a variety of disciplines to create a more relaxed and comfortable experience. please disciplines include the muscles in the body which most people are pretty comfortable with and the muscle group is what they think of when they hear the word massage. What most people don’t think of as contributing to comfort is the alignment of your bones and the alignment of your organs. We take all three disciplines into account and try and work with each individual’s core issues. Each individual is different and experiences pregnancy and discomfort differently even if for the same reason. Check out the best prenatal massage Tulsa available at MotilityBody Works.

We are not a diagnosing facility. Allen is a graduate of ankrum Institute and is currently an assistant teacher within that facility. We work with alignment to improve discomfort and make live I’m more relaxing and comfortable experience whether you’re a new mommy or you suffer from anxiety issues or you have trouble just standing due to the way you carry tension in your body. Every single one of us experience is tension. have you ever tried to stand in one position with your arms held out in front of you for 10 minutes without moving them? This creates a lot of tension. tension levels vary according to your activities or in activities and whether you have a desk job or an active job. My point is we all experienced tension, stress, and discomfort in our lives. MotilityBody Work can assist you in alleviating that discomfort. for the best prenatal massage Tulsa give us a call.

Do you suffer from menstrual pain, acid reflux, back pain, neck tension, or your hands falling asleep? These are some of the discomforts that we experience in everyday life I can be relieved by addressing those individual core needs and helping the body return to a more healthy healing from the inside out. We offer one hour sessions and your first session for just $40. 1 hour is not a lot of time but can make a big difference. Give us the chance to show you discomfort does not have to be a normal part of your everyday life. Visit our website to view some of the things that our clients are staying about our services. You can watch video testimonials and we’re sure you’ll agree that we can make a difference in your life as well.

Life can be amazing. Don’t let discomfort disrupt your life. Let us extend that magical feeling of freedom and normalcy and she your everyday experiences. Choose motility body work today. Some of our patients were referred by their doctors. Some of our patients were referred by some of our other patients. We would love to hear from you. Visit our website online at www.motilitybodywork.com or give us a call today at (918) 641-4410.

Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa | would you like to broaden your overall health?

Would you like to broaden your overall health?What do I mean by would you like to broaden your overall health? We think of overall health as being sick and going to the doctor. But that’s not what I’m discussing here. What I’d like to discuss is your everyday life and the Comfort level that you have walking through that everyday life. Do you suffer from anxiety issues that create tension all over your body? We can help you with that. Do you have pain caused by gallstones? While we can’t alleviate your gallstones we can lessen the pain and discomfort that you feel until you can have that situation remedied by medical professional. Are you a new expected Mommy? Find the best prenatal massage Tulsa at motility body work.

Do you need relief from discomfort in your everyday life? Sometimes a massage for realignment can help you achieve better Comfort. Find the best prenatal massage Tulsa with us for better comfort. we are not a diagnosis facility. For that you need a medical professional. What we can do through a variety of disciplines is increase the possibility of more mobility and freedom of movement as well as more comfort in your everyday life. Tension creates pain throughout the body. if you suffer from anxiety and have full body tension And have not been able to find relief from that full body tension please give us a call. I know we can help you.

We deal with core needs for each individual. each individual’s needs are different even if the pain is the same. Lee’s variety of disciplines include the bones in the body, the organs in the body, and but we all think of when we hear the word massage – the muscles in the body. Each of these three disciplines has a specific alignment. When that alignment is out of order, discomfort is the result. Find the Best Prenatal Massage Tulsa at Motility Body Work.

Our sessions are 1 hour. Your first session is only $40 and can be scheduled today. Give us a call. Those disalignments we mentioned can create such discomfort as acid reflux, nausea, gallstones, back pain, bloating, neck tension, and your hands falling asleep to mention but a few. while we cannot remove gallstones, we can alleviate some of the discomfort that they caused. For removal of gallstones you need a medical professional. We do not offer diagnosis for our clients but we often have doctors who do refer their patients to us. We also have clients that refer other clients to us. Check out our testimonials on our website to find out what more of our clients have to say about our services and how they help them.

We are speaking Comfort here. When you schedule your 1-hour session, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing to that session. Athletic wear such as yoga pants and athletic shirts are perfectly fine and should present Comfort to you during your session. the schedule that session give us a call at (918) 641-4410 or visit our website at www.motilitybodywork.com. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to bring a little more Comfort to your daily experiences.