Earlier this week I had a client come to me who was experienced tight hamstrings. I knew prenatal massage could help. Now this was an unusual thing for her because she was a fitness instructor. She obviously knew how to stretch well she was obviously in good physical shape, but her hamstrings were tightening up for some reason. Well, in my line of work that a tight muscles are not usually causes. They are usually the symptom of something else. And so my question is what caused the hamstrings to get tight? While I was talking with her, she also mentioned that um, her ribs on the left side where a different shape than they had been recently. Now her hamstrings are also quite tight on the left side. So that’s an important clue. These are the benefits of prenatal massage. Now, what would cause those ribs to take on a different shape? Well, a tight kidney can do that. What causes a kidney to get tight?

And that’s the next question that we need to answer. Why haven’t you gotten a prenatal massage? While there can be a number of things, first there can be a coffee problem. The adrenal glands sit right on top of the kidney. And if somebody is drinking too much coffee all the time,the adrenal glands are stimulated and they are affecting the kidney and the kidney gets tight. When the kidney gets tight, it can pull on the ribs and they can cause them to take on a different shape. Another thing could be stress and that would be another thing that would activate the adrenal glands.. It could also be from a kidney infection or from kidney stones. We don’t know that yet, but these are things that are going through my mind as I’m talking with my client about her tight hamstrings.

Now another thing about a tight kidneys is that they will also affect the muscles called the erector spinae. A prenatal massage can help with this These are the muscles that run all the way up and down the back from your tailbone all the way up to your head. And when these muscles are affected by the kidneys, it will tighten them up and it will that same tension. They go all the way down and into the hamstrings. And when it does that, the hamstrings get tight. So can a type kidney cause a tight hamstring. The answer is yes, absolutely it can. A tight kidney can change the shape of the ribs and it can also affect the hamstrings. Now with this client, I had not yet worked with her and so this was just from talking with her. This is a theory that I have from talking with her and as we are discussing what can cause it to tight kidney.

Well there’s one other major cause and that can be scar tissue, scar tissue from surgeries or from some sort of trauma like a car accident that has happened. And when I mentioned that then her eyes kind of lit up and she said, yes, I’ve had breast implants and those implants, uh, the surgery did not go very well the first time and the implants had to be taken out and put back in. This happened multiple times. Having a prenatal massage can help. And during the course of this experience, she had multiple implants put in and out scar tissue removed and extra tissues added in order to stabilize the breast. Now most of this, the surgeries had been done on the left side. It had been done on both sides but, but the, the troublesome side was the left side. So on the left side we have tight hamstrings, we’ve gotten misshapen ribs and we’ve got the breast implants, uh, the surgeries and the scar tissues from those surgeries.

So then we need to see how is this theory working out in real life. You need a prenatal massage and at this point I haven’t touched her. We’ve just talked. And so we, uh, she lays down on my table and we start palpating and seeing are these kidneys tight to and to find out that yes, indeed the erector spinae are tight on the left side. The kidneys are tight on the left side and the, the tissue around the breast is also tight on the left side. So what can we do about this? Well, the first thing that needs to be done in regards to this is the scar tissue from the implants and needs to be worked. If the scar tissue is not resolved as if it is not released, if it is not helped, then we don’t have any chance of really resolving the issues. So the scar tissue needs to be worked first.

Now it’s important to say that this work can be done with modesty. This is not, um, something that uh, this, this is, it is something that can be done on top of the clothes and can be done with the woman’s modesty and comfort in mind. Once we worked the scar tissue, then we can start releasing the organs. You see the organs they need to move in order to function properly. If they can’t move, they can’t do their job. And if they can’t do their job, they will tighten up the muscles around them. And so once we release the scar tissue and then we can release the tension that is in the organs, and then we can release the muscles themselves and resolve the issue from the inside out. We did not do a simple topical approach and your hamstrings are tight. Okay, let’s rub the hamstrings and see if we can relieve these, those. That’s a part of it, but the real picture is much, much bigger and much, much deeper than that.