How does prenatal and Prenatal Massage therapy who work with the Fascia? There are a few ways to work with the Fascia when doing prenatal massage therapy. The first thing to realize is that mom’s body is making a lot of changes during the pregnancy and the pregnancy is going to be affecting her in a few different ways. The first and most obvious way is that the uterus is growing. The, there is Fascia that is inside her body that goes around the uterus and separates the uterus from the other organs. Of course, this Fascia is subject to a tremendous amount of growth and stretching and changes in movement during the pregnancy. Now, what can we do to support this Fascia and to help mom’s body adapt to the changes that are going on? The first thing that we can and should do is that we should be working gently with mom if we, if she is a little bit farther along in her pregnancy and we can access the belly on the uterus with ease, what we can do is we can gently, very gently compress the tissues and work with them to take the tension off.

When we work with the tissues to take the tension off, then they will relax in themselves. You see, we are not trying to force a stretch. We are not trying to make the body do something that it doesn’t want to do. Instead we will give some compression and we will hold the tension that is in the body. When we hold the tension that is in the body, mom’s body will often do that go and we’ll release in and of itself. This will give a much bigger and a much more comprehensive release than we would receive if we tried to do everything you see during a prenatal massage. We understand that mom’s body is trying to do the right thing. A good prenatal massage therapist will not try to force her body to do something that it is not trying to do and that is not designed to do.

Rather, the prenatal massage therapist will find out where there are areas of tension in mom’s body and he will go and hold those areas. This will give Mama’s body a tremendous amount of comfort and she will be feeling safe and secure. When she feels safe and secure and those areas of tension are held, then the function inside her body is much more willing to let go and much more willing to release. As a matter of fact, very often the massage therapist doesn’t have to do actual work to stretch out or open up the Fascia. Rather he just holds the Fascia. The body knows that it is safe to release and it does. This can make a tremendous difference in the way that mom feels her belly can have the freedom to expand. The baby can have the freedom to drop. The uterus has the freedom to let go of the tissues that it is that are, that are tight within it and the body can go into a more comfortable and a more relaxed state.

This sort of work is especially important when working with moms organs and with the baby or in particular a principle that we use as we want to help mom’s body to be in the best position possible so that she can’t take the best care of her baby. We did not work directly with the baby, but instead we give mom the tools that she needs in order to do the job herself. Mom’s body can do a much better job of taking care of that baby than any outside person ever could, so it is incumbent upon the prenatal massage therapist to support mom’s body so that she can take care of the baby. This leads to the best pregnancy outcomes and also the best birthing outcomes as well. Now there are some other areas of the body where it is most beneficial to simply work with the Pasha and to stretch it a little bit.

Particularly with the muscles and ligaments. These muscles and ligaments are trying to do the right thing. They are trying to move, they’re trying to adjust. They’re trying to accommodate the baby. Mom’s body is producing a hormone called relaxin that is trying to relax as the name implies, relax the body to make room for the baby and to prepare for the labor and delivery. So when we are stretching the Fascia, we are still not working against the body. We are in fact helping the body to do what it is already trying to do. We are trying to help the body move and open up and stretch and release and this is also supportive of a more comfortable and a more healthy pregnancy. In particular. There are a few places of Fascia that need to be addressed during the prenatal massage. The hips are of course very high on the list of places that we need to go.

Moms hips need mobility. There are ligaments and uh, ligaments that hold the sacrum to the ilium and the sacrum needs to have the mobility that, that in order to let the movement happen for the baby to come through. So as part of the myofascial release, the prenatal massage therapist needs to pay special attention to the hips and needs to pay attention to what position the hips are in and he needs to pay attention to the mobility that the hips have when mom’s hips are balanced. This sets a base for the whole rest of the body to be balanced. It’s a, it allows her to carry the baby more comfortably and it allows her to move more freely, even though her body is going through many changes. The other place that the prenatal massage therapist needs to pay special attention is to the diaphragm. The organs and viscera are all being changed, pushed and move by the uterus that is growing and expanding.

And this can put additional pressure on the diaphragm. The diaphragm should be able to move and expand and change with the growth of the uterus. But sometimes it has a little bit of trouble adapting. And so again, what we can do is not simply stretch the diaphragm out, but we can compress it and we can allow it to release within itself. When we allow the diaphragm to release within itself, then we get a much fuller, a much deeper and a much more comprehensive release than if we tried to do the job for it. So during a prenatal massage session, the therapist is going to work with mom’s body in order to help it to relax and take the best care possible of the baby. It is important that we not try to force the body to do things that it does not want to do, but instead we are working with the body to achieve a release and to give mom the best prenatal massage possible.