How can orthopedic massage help with major surgery? Today I would like to talk a little bit about women who have had a hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is a major surgery and although sometimes it is necessary, it is going to have an impact on the surrounding tissues. One of the things that often happens with the hysterectomy is the uterus has the job of, at least in part, giving pressure to hold up the small intestines when the uterus is no longer there. Giving support than the small intestines tend to slide lower down into the pelvis. The same thing happens with the bladder. The uterus is sitting just the, the bladder is sitting behind the pubic bone and just in front of the uterus. And the pressure from the uterus is also helping to keep the bladder in place. And so sometimes the bladder will tend to move a little bit, um, with when there has been a hysterectomy. The uterus also has a ligament attached to it called the broad ligament. And this ligament attaches all around the hips in a kind of a circle. So when this ligament is removed, when the hysterectomy is done, then the tension from that ligament has been removed as well. There is also going to be scar tissue from the hysterectomy scar tissue that depending on how the woman’s body processes, it can have a very major effect on the surrounding tissues or a minor effect. But regardless, it is going to be effecting the Oregons, the ligaments, the bones, and the muscles around it. So how has orthopedic massage going to help with this scar tissue? Well, first of all, if there has been some decent by the small intestines into the pelvis a little bit deeper, we can help by lifting those small intestines. There may be some scar tissue or some adhesions that are also helping to pull the small intestines down and a gentle release of those adhesions as well as lifting the small intestines back into place can have a profound effect on the tissues. Another thing that can help quite tremendously is to have pelvic floor work done.

Now orthopedic massage is competent to do this work. All of this work is done externally while the woman is close and comfortable, but nevertheless we are going to be effecting the pelvic floor, releasing some of the muscles and tissues that have been affected by the surgery. Orthopedic massage is also helpful in regaining mobility in the hips. There are a number of muscles in the hips that are likely to be affected by the surgery. The one of them is the PSOAS muscle and it is responsible for swinging the leg forward when you are walking and it is also responsible for bending the body forward at the waist so when the PSOAS is tight, it is going to be affecting the rest of the body by the person’s posture. Another thing that is often a part of the picture is that the abdominal muscles attach right at the pubic bone, right in the place where the uterus has been removed.

It is very, very common and very likely that scar tissue or adhesions is also going to be affecting this muscle. When the abdominal muscle is affected, it’s going to be pulling down. So the sternum and the chest is going to be pulled toward the people bone kind of leaning, kind of leading to a bent over posture or the body is pulled over like this. The neck has to compensate and it compensates by going forward and so, and this will create tension in the neck so as the scar tissue grows and ed dizzy, adhesions become more and more prominent. These sorts of issues will become more obvious if they are addressed early on, they can often be addressed quite effectively.

Don’t need to progress to the point of debilitating pain before they are addressed. Of course each one, the surgery is going to be a little bit different along with her medical history. So it is important to take all of these things into account before beginning work. Other things that are going to affect the orthopedic massage procedure and the outcome of that massage are going to be previous. Still both falls, car wrecks, other surgeries, her age, her general health, and her
willingness to be a part of the solution. All of these things are going to have that effect on the outcome.