During the prenatal massage session, there are always things that we need to take into consideration for each individual woman period. Of course the main thing that we are trying to accomplish is a safe delivery and comfort for the mother. For various people this means different things. Sometimes mom is dealing with simple tightness because she is a first time mom and her body is adjusting to the whole process and other times there are bigger things going on. Sometimes mum might be dealing with underlying issues such as a previous broken tailbone. This can tighten up the whole sacrum area, the whole pelvic area and cause tension and lack of movement. Often this results in a baby who will not go head down because the baby intuitively knows that the head is not safe down there. So my job is to help gain freedom and help gain movement so that the baby is feeling safe and comfortable as it descends into mom’s pelvis and the work that is involved in this as often having to do with releasing the Ilium, the two hip bones on either side, and also releasing the sacrum at which is often referred to as the tailbone as well as working with the pelvic floor muscles.

When these things are relaxed and released, then the body will respond so much better. Another thing that moms often or sometimes deal with are other complications such as endometriosis. This has a few different causes, but very often it has to do with an irregularity in her monthly cycle. It seems that some of the fluid during ovulation escapes into the pelvis and causes adhesions and adhesions or basically when everything is sticking together in there and it doesn’t have the freedom of movement that it ought to have with these adhesions. Now we have a uterus that is growing and who is now trying to break free from these adhesions and sometimes one title would be more stuck and the other side and they will often cause a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort from um, she might have trouble walking, she might have trouble sleeping, she might have, um, just just general pain.

W pregnancy should not be painful. Pregnancy should be comfortable and when mom has a lot of pain, then we have to look at what are the reasons, why can we free up the uterus? Can we free up some of these tissues so that now mom’s body can move easily and gracefully and pain free or quality prenatal massage is going to address these things and take it into consideration. Yes, we want mum to feel better. Yes, we want her to feel relaxed but at the end of the day we also want her body to function better so that she can take better care of that baby. A prenatal massage should do these things for mum in a comfortable and safe environment along with the prenatal massage work. We will also be doing testing to see how the work is progressing. Of course, one of the best tests is when mom actually feels better when she’s leaving and during her pregnancy instead of being uncomfortable and awkward.

Now her body is moving freely and comfortably and hopefully pain free as well. These, this work also leads to a better outcome during the labor and delivery process. If she has been getting regular chiropractic work and regular prenatal massages, then mom’s body is going to transition into the labor and delivery part more easily. Per Tissues are going to be more ready to expand her bones, her, particularly her, her pubic bone, her tailbone are going to be more free to move properly and her body who will be, we’ll transition into the labor and delivery process more easily. And it’s of course, it’s also more comfortable for the baby when mom’s body is cooperating and it’s safer for the baby. So during your prenatal massage, we wanted to make sure that we are normalizing mom’s body so that it is comfortable for her and safe for the baby.