Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Are You having Back Pain with Your Pregnancy?

Are you having back pain with your pregnancy? Would you like the delightful feeling of being relaxed once again? We would love to hear from you today. Helping women experience Comfort, relaxation, I’m being able to be vibrant and engaging throughout their day it means a lot to us. We know it’ll mean a lot to you too. The stress of bringing another life into the world can make things a little crazy. The pain that can come with that can be unnecessary. Let us help you relieve it what the pleasant feeling have a prenatal massage Tulsa.

Each woman’s experience with pregnancy is different. So is each discomfort that is brought to us for prenatal massage Tulsa. Whether you’re dealing with acid reflux, nausea, back pain, or bloating, we would like the opportunity to help you feel more relaxed and at ease during this magical time. Let’s brighten your day with a little relaxation involved. Sometimes we could all use some of that.

Did you know that each pregnancy is as different as each little person growing inside? One woman in her first pregnancy can crave popcorn and chocolate and be completely unable to stand the smell of hamburgers cooking on the grill while experiencing back pain and bloating. During her second pregnancy that same woman could experience acid reflux at the mere mention of popcorn or chocolate while craving hamburgers freshly grilled. funniest generally sound like annoyances the general population who has never experienced this phenomenon, we understand that all of these seemingly small things are such a huge part of your world during the nine months of pregnancy. call us today for a prenatal massage Tulsa at motility Bodywork and let us see what Delight we can bring back into your Topsy Turvy World.

Please understand that while we offer relaxation through massage, we are not a diagnostic facility. we strive to bring comfort and relaxation through processes that align organs and solve problems that my mother ordinarily wouldn’t experience without that little bundle pressing on places and things that normally wouldn’t feel that pressure.

Visit our website online at to find out more about motility body work. give us a call at to schedule your prenatal massage in the Tulsa area today let us see what magic and Delight we can bring back into your life through massage. Massage usually happens with you laying down so please by all means be comfortable. There’s a section on On our website that covers this but just to help you be a little more prepared, yoga pants and athletic shorts are perfectly fine matter of fact we suggest them. We’re comfortable clothes that you’re not going to mind rolling around in our being rolled around in. if this is not your first baby you’re going to totally understand what we mean. If this is your first child just imagine rolling around the floor with a new puppy be comfortable.

Prenatal Massage Tulsa| Did You Know that Prenatal Massage Can Relieve Nausea?

Are you pregnant? Are you currently experiencing nausea? sometimes over the counter medicines can help nausea and sometimes that just isn’t enough. Did you know that prenatal massage Tulsa can sometimes relieve nausea for pregnant women? Visit us online at www.motilitybodywork.com to find out more. We usually relate massages to the feeling of relaxation, and comfort. we also assume the reasons for getting a massage are tense muscles, sporting injuries, cramps usually due to some kind of injury or overworking of the body, and yet there’s so much more to the world. We believe that whatever you relate to, this will be a good experience for you.

We at motility body work are not here to diagnose. Diagnosis belong to doctors. What we offer is relaxation, the marvelous feeling of losing some tension that doesn’t belong there or being able to walk comfortably without the feeling of pain that shouldn’t be there. did you know that prenatal massage Tulsa can help with discomfort such as acid reflux, nausea, gallstones, back pain, neck tension, and bloating. I would love to help you ReDiscover some of the activities that you enjoy and pregnancy has hindered through reflex, nausea, back pain, bloating, or neck tension.

An uncomfortable pregnancy can sometimes make the world seem like it’s turned everything upside down. sometimes we wonder what ever happened to our Charming, engaging, Pleasant self. Pregnancy can make a person feel like they are altogether a different person than they were before. Let us help you ReDiscover yourself. give us a call her your prenatal massage Tulsa at motility body work.

After experiencing 6 different pregnancies, 5 at home, I can honestly a test that each birth and each pregnancy are very different. We have several clients you can tell you the same thing that is pregnancy is different. Along with each pregnancy being different the discomforts the beach woman experiences are also different. The causes to each of those discomfort are different even though the discomforts can be the same. Let us offer a little relief and add a little Delight back into your day with a prenatal massage.

Well we’ve been talking comfort and relaxation so let us add to that mantra and tell you that your appointment should be taken in comfortable attire. Yoga pants and athletic shorts are certainly acceptable. A tank or athletic shirt, comfortable clothes that are stretchy, soft, athletic and are not going to make you uncomfortable while rolling around during your session is suitable. Again the name of the game is Comfort. Your comfort! Visit us online at www.motilitybodywork.com to learn more. Or give us a call at (918) 641-4410.