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As a massage therapist who has also been trained in orthopedic massage as well as visceral work.
It is my job to help the clients find what is the real root cause of their trouble and not just treat the superficial symptoms. Many times when clients go for a massage, they will feel better afterwards, but it is only the superficial symptoms that have been addressed and not the core issues. And so shortly after the massage is done, the clients have the same problems over again. The organ that I would like to speak a little bit about today is the liver. Now the liver is something that is quite central to the function of our daily lives and some of the pain and some of the trouble that we have can often be attributed to the liver and the tension that is in deliver. So the liver is sitting on the right side of the body just below the rib cage and the liver can have several states of dysfunction. Now for the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa please call now and set up that appointment!

It can be a hard and expanded liver, meaning that the liver is larger than normal and of course it’s harder than it ought to be. Liver can also be small and contracted and hard so it can be large and hard or it can be small and hard. The liver can also be small and soft and it can also be large and soft. For the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa please contact these guys now! So there’s four states that a liver can be when it is in dysfunction. Now what sort of things does the liver expect that, what sort of things does the liver effect? When the massage therapists takes a history of a client, they are looking for a certain things that may indicate that there is trouble with deliver. Now, first of all, the liver is going to be involved in pain that is in the back on the right side. Now not every pain on the back, on the right side is going to be coming from deliver.

There’s other structures in there as well, such as the gallbladder or the kidneys that can be involved in back pain, but the liver is one of the things that need to be addressed and that need to be, we need to see it, what the, how it is functioning to see if it is part of the problem. The liver can also send tension into the right hip. There are fossil trains in the body, there are tracks that the tension goes down and the track that delivers on can go to many different places, but one of those places, again just into the right hip. So if there is pain, particularly in the right hip, then we are looking to the liver to see if it is part of the problem the massage therapist needs. Also to note if there is a pain in the right shoulder, the liver can send pain into the right shoulder. So somebody who only knows spa massage may rub the right shoulder and it may feel better for a little while, but that tension is going to come right back because the right shoulder was never the problem to begin with.

It was only the symptom and massage therapist who is also been trained in visceral manipulation can address the liver as the core source of the problem. Now when we think about the liver, we need to think about one other thing and that is the function of the hormones. Many people, when they think about hormones, they think about either the ovaries and a woman or the testes in a man and the liver is actually a big player with the hormones as well. So if we are having some hormonal dysregulation, then making sure that the liver is functioning optimally is going to be an important part of that solution. Another thing about the liver is that it is essentially an organ that is filled with blood and so if the liver is congested, if it is not functioning properly, if it is not able to do its job, then there is going to be a kind of back pressure in, well there can be a back pressure in regards to the blood and this can cause things like higher blood pressure. When you want the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa please give these guys a call now!

It may not be simply that the arteries are clogged, which we normally think of when we think of high blood pressure. But there could be something that is restricting the blood such as such as one of the organs. The liver is a key thing in this. So what does the massage therapist do when they are working with deliver? Well, the first thing the massage therapist needs to do is to determine what the liver is doing. Is it hard or is it soft? Is it large or is it small? As I mentioned before, once a massage therapist has determined these things, then they can also help to determine the best course of treatment. Make a point to day to visit motilitybodywork.com as soon as you can! Also dial 918-641-4410 to get setup with this awesome company!

Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Do You Need Massage Therapy and Liver?

Now there’s another part about the that the massage therapist needs to consider and that is the part called the [inaudible]. Now the Hilum of the liver is the place where the blood vessels and the nerves go into the liver where the blood goes to nourish the liver itself and where the blood goes to be processed by the liver. Very often there is tension in the Hilum and when there is tension in the Hilum that liver cannot do its job effectively or productively, so the massage therapist can do certain things in order to release the tension from the Hilum. For the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa then please call asap!

This often results in a large ability for the liver to do its job better. When somebody has, the next thing that the massage therapists can do is he can hold the liver. Now, that might sound a little bit strange, but what it means is to simply put the liver into a kind of a state of tension so that it is not holding the trauma all by itself, but instead the massage therapist is holding the tension for the liver.

When the liver doesn’t have to hold the tension, then it will very often reliefs quite suddenly and quite dramatically. This will be something that is noticed not only by the massage therapist but by the client as well. If you need the greatest Prenatal Massage Tulsa now! Many times a client will also report that they can actually feel their liver moving around inside them.

Now that the liver has its motility back, that is the ability to move within itself and when the liver has its motility back then it’s also able to do its job much better job like cleaning the blood and processing nutrients and these sorts of things, producing hormones. So the massage therapist needs to first of all, take a good history from the client, see what sort of trouble there is, and then they can accurately assess the best way to move forward with working with the client. And very often this will include working with the liver. For the most amazing Prenatal Massage Tulsa please contact these guys now!

Another thing that the massage therapist needs to be able to tell the client is that we are not able to do this work all by ourselves. I always have the most effective work when I have a client who is actively invested in their own health. When I have a client who is doing his or her best in order to eat properly, in order to get the nourishment that they need in order to get the sleep that they need in order to reduce their stress, um, exercising and these sorts of things. When this happens, the massage therapist is able to do much deeper and much more effective work. Be sure to call 918-641-4410 or check out motilitybodywork.com as soon as you can!