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As a massage therapist, I am constantly trying to improve my skills and to learn more about the various conditions that I can help my clients with. And this includes everything from doing and learning about orthopedic massage to learning visceral massage as well. These things go significantly deeper than what many people are trained to do in the basic Swedish massage. One of the diagnoses that I recently came across was that somebody had pelvic congestion. Now this seems to me to be a catch all phrase to really describe anything that is stuck or immobile or not working properly in the pelvis. It could be as catch all phrase that kind of goes the same way as the term Sciatica does to describe pain on the back of the legs, whether or not that’s coming from the sciatic nerve. Um, or it could be something like carpal tunnel syndrome, which is used to describe pain in the wrist, whether or not the actual dysfunction is originating in the wrist, not. USe these guys for the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa!

So when I came across this diagnosis of pelvic congestion, I started to think of a few things that could be involved in that sort of thing. Now, my mind immediately goes to two things when I hear of pelvic congestion and the first is a c-section scar when there has been surgery done around the pelvis, particularly with the c-section, what happens is we’ve cut across first of all the abdominal muscles and then we have cut through some connective tissue and then we have cut through the uterus. You Will love these guys because they are the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa for you today!

So there is a number of structures that have scar tissue involved with them now and these structures will be impacting those around them. So when there is scar tissue, very often there are adhesions to go along with them and this scar tissue and the adhesions can grow and grow until there is a general, we’ll have all of being stuck in the pelvis.

I imagine this is what is referred to when somebody refers to pelvic congestion. So as a massage therapist in regards to scar tissue, what can be done? Well, first of all, that scar tissue needs to be addressed and it needs to be worked. When I was in school for massage therapy, I learned that the first thing that needs to be worked on the body is scar tissue. Do not wait another moment, use these guys now for the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa.

This is because scar tissue can cause dysfunction in the body in places not anywhere close to where the original scar has been. For example, a c-section scar can pull on the connective tissue or the Fascia that is around the abdominal muscles and this will pull all the way up the front of the body up into the front of the neck and will physically pull the head forward. When this happens, there is often pain in the back of the neck, so if I have a client who has had a c-section there was also complaining of neck pain. Be sure to call 918-641-4410 or go to motilitybodywork.com for more info!

Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Heard Of Massage Therapy and Pelvic Congestion?

Then the first thing I want to do is I want to work that c-section scar in order to take off the tension on the front of the body. And so when I hear the diagnosis of pelvic congestion, then as a massage therapist, I first of all think of these trains, these fossil trains in the body that need to be addressed and of course in the immediate vicinity there is also going to be additional tension. You see that scar tissue is not going to just stay in the abdominal muscles and it’s not just going to stay in the uterus, it’s going to pull on the structures around it. If you need the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa then please call now!

So what could happen with this? Well, the scar tissue could also adhere to the bladder and could be pulling on the bladder and putting tension on it. This could cause things like incontinence because the bladder has tension on it and the valves in the bladder are not able to work as good as they normally would and they are not able to close properly or not able to stay closed under a little bit of pressure, like for example, when she coughs or when she sneezes or these sorts of things.

So the first thing to work is the scar tissue. The second thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words pelvic ingestion is endometriosis. And there are various things that are thought to be the cause of endometriosis. But the general idea is that they, it is caused by or has something to do with the woman’s menstrual cycle. Somehow or another there is fluid leaking into the pelvic cavity and the there is adhesions that results in this. These adhesions are sticking to the uterus, they’re sticking to the bladder, they’re sticking to the colon and they’re sticking to the muscles that are inside the pelvic cavity as well. So women, when a woman has pain, when she is walking and has a diagnosis of pelvic congestion, then the massage therapist first of all needs to think about the adhesions that are in the pelvic cavity. We can address these Haitians by working with the muscles themselves. We can also address these adhesions by helping the Oregon’s to be free of one another. Now this is quite simple but it is also quite profound. When the organs are free from one another, they can do a number of things. First of all, they are not going to be putting tension on the surrounding tissues. They are not going to be pulling on the muscles so the muscles will be free. Be sure to use these guys now for the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa today!

They will be able to do the job that they were designed to do and the organs themselves will also be free to work better and more efficiently. The organs are designed to have a certain amount of movement that is inherent within them and when the organs do not have the movement, they can’t do their job properly and the tension kind of exacerbates itself. I lack of movements will cause more tension and more attention will cause lack of movement, so it is the job of them, the massage therapist to first of all free up the tissues to allow for that movement and then to call for the movement to help the body to start to move in itself. Make a point today to schedule the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa for yourself today!

When the massage therapist does these things, then the clients will often report a much better feeling. The client may report things like she doesn’t have any more pain and she walks or she is now doesn’t have the same sort of tension during her monthly cycle. Her cramping is not as bad, or she might say that her hips don’t hurt anymore, or she might say that she can breathe better or any number of other issues. So when the massage therapist takes into account the whole person and does not just look at one small symptom, then there is a much greater chance of success when the massage therapist takes into the account. The woman’s Oregon’s, when did he takes into account her structure and when he takes into account her history such as c-section scars or endometriosis or things like that, then the massage therapist is able to give real help and real solutions to the problems. Just go to

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