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Today, I would like to talk a little bit more about what causes pain in the neck. This is so common for people today. Many people will go to a massage therapist hoping to have some relief from their pain. And what happens very often is that the massage therapist will rub a little bit on their back or on their neck and their back or neck will feel better for a little while, but then the pain will come right back. Use Prenatal Massage Tulsa to stop the pain from spreading!

Oh, why is this? Well, the real reason is because the massage therapists had is addressed to some of the symptoms, but has not addressed the core root of the problem. When the massage therapist addresses the core issues that are causing the problem, then we can expect the solution to be long lasting or permanent. So in order to get through this core issue, the massage therapist, first of all, needs to take a good history of the client.

What has been causing this neck pain? Well, one of the reasons could be poor posture. If the person is sitting at a desk all day and is having poor posture sitting at that desk, eight hours of a head forward posture is most certainly going to lead to neck pain. Another thing that could be causing the trouble is a history of accidents. Perhaps the person was involved in a car accident or perhaps they had a fall at one point. This could also be a source of it pain. So with both of these, if the person comes in and gets their neck put back in place and everything is put back in position and everything is right, then the issue is often fully resolved. But if the person continues with that bad posture where you can expect that trouble to come back because the core problem has not been resolved with Prenatal Massage Tulsa.

Another thing that we could take into account would be accidents. Has there been whiplash? So there might very well be just plain old tension on the neck because of an accident. If we address the neck tension because the accident was a onetime event, once we get the neck tension released and once we have the neck back in place, then we can expect the changes to be permanent. But there is another and deeper thing that I would like to address right now and that is there may be a visceral problem that is going on here. Now what I mean by visceral is, I mean a problem with the Oregon’s as you might think. Well how can the Oregon’s be causing this sort of a problem? Well, the Oregon’s are held in place in the body by ligaments. These ligaments are places of extra thick fascia that hold the organ in place.

So the Oregon that I’d like to talk about today in particular is the heart. You see the heart is going to be ligamentous to a few things in the body. It’s going to be ligamenting pretty heavily to the diaphragm and that is the breathing muscle that goes right across your midsection. And it is also going to be ligamentous to the back of, or sorry, the front of the neck. And so if there is tension in the heart, then the heart is going to be pulling on the front of the neck and if the hardest pulling on the front of the neck, then we are going to have a neck forward posture. A good massage therapist who has been trained in orthopedic and in visceral massage is going to recognize this. Now, what causes heart tension? Well, this is caused by a number of issues. One could be stress if there is a lot of stress in the person. You sometimes need to resort to Prenatal Massage Tulsa. Please go to motilitybodywork.com or dial 918-641-4410 as soon as you can!

Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Heart Tension and Neck Pain Giving You Trouble

Some people report that their heart beats really heavily or they have heart palpitations when they are stressed. Another issue could be smoking. There could be tension on the lungs that is transferring into tension on the heart. Another cause of tension on the heart could be a car accident. No longer to do you have to suffer, use Prenatal Massage Tulsa as soon as you can!

So if there is a car accident and the person is thrown against the seatbelt while the seat belt is going right across the heart, and so the person may have been traveling at say 45 miles an hour, they come to a sudden stop. Not only is there whiplash from that, but also the heart was traveling at 45 miles an hour, but it was stopped by the seatbelt. And so the heart is often very present in the front of the chest. It’s not relaxed in the center of the chest, but it’s present, very present in heart at the front.

And as a result it has tension on it and when it has tension on it, it is going to be pulling on the back or sorry, on the front, tilt the neck. So can these things be addressed? Yes, they can. He can be addressed by a massage therapist who is trained in both orthopedic massage and in visceral manipulation. So this is the way in which we get to the core issues. If you just work on the back of the neck, it will feel good for a little while. But if you spend some time and delve deeper into the person who they are, the history and this sort of thing, then a good massage therapist will be able to get to the core of the issue and not just treat some of the symptoms. Make sure to book an appointment for Prenatal Massage Tulsa.

So after the tension on the heart has been released, then the therapist can work with some of the muscles that are causing the trouble. He can work with the muscle called the sternal Clyde, old mastoid on the front of the neck. He can also work with the muscles that are directly in front of the vertebrae of the neck and when these are released, then there can be a much greater release of attention that is going all the way down. There can be a better neck posture because the neck is now now had his tension release. The head can sit on the vertebrae rather than sitting in front of the vertebrae.

When this happens, the muscles in the back of the neck don’t have to do nearly as much work and when they don’t have to do that much work, then they can relax. So a massage therapist who just works with the muscles on the back of the neck is really not doing a whole lot of good for their clients. But a my massage therapist who takes a more holistic approach working with the organs and working with the structure of the body. And then releasing the tension from the inside out. We’ll have a much greater effect for the client. Please call now to get the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa. If you need the best then visit motilitybodywork.com or call 918-641-4410 as soon as you can!