Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Are you aNew mom to be?

Are you a new mom-to-be? Is your new experience with pregnancy causing you discomfort? Are you experiencing things such as back pain, acid reflux, neck pain, bloating, Or are your hands falling asleep? Amazingly enough we can help you with this through prenatal massage Tulsa. so give us a call here at motility body work at (918) 641-4410 or visit our website online. Www.motilitybodywork.com

Each individual experiences pain and discomfort differently. Did you know that each pregnancy can be different from the last for the same woman? Regardless of how different sometimes the discomforts are the same. We would love to bring a little normalcy back into your life by offering you a prenatal massage. Our sessions usually last about 1 hour and while we are not a facility that offers a diagnosis, we are A facility that can decrease the discomfort that you may be feeling with your pregnancy. so visit us and let us show you the benefits of prenatal massage Tulsa.

How do we bring back this normalcy and decrease your discomfort? While each individual is different as I have said, common reasons for this discomfort can be relieved. We integrate a variety of disciplines such as working with the muscles in the body. Not hearing the word massage you probably already guessed that part. However we can also work with the bones in a body as well as the organs. Your body has a set alignment for each of these systems and discomfort is caused when any of these systems is out of order. Let us create a realignment that alleviates your discomfort today. new moms deserve a little comfort for all the discomfort they injure so for your prenatal massage Tulsa call us today.

You may wonder what experience we do have and these areas. Alan has been married for 20 years and has six children. His wife had five of those children at home. As you can also see from our testimonials, relaxation techniques and realignment of the body truly does and still more comfort and Mobility and your body. Our goal is to work with and encourage the health of your body from the inside out. the body is resilient and amazingly so. We are actually equipped with the ability to create healing within ourselves until we reach a blockage of tension and discomfort that we just can’t get past. We would like to return the healthy system and Inside Out healing to your body and a more natural manner.

Comfort being the name of the game, please be sure that for your session you wear something comfortable like yoga pants and athletic wear. We want you to be comfortable and have the best experience possible. So visit our site online at www.motilitybodywork.com. We would be more than happy to schedule your first full one hour session today. Not first session is only $40. For prenatal care, Women’s Health, Integrated Bodywork and benefits throughout please give us a call. (918) 641-4410

Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Is your family expecting a new arrival?

Is your family expecting new arrival? Is the new Mom feeling discomfort?Discomfort is a normal part of pregnancy. Every Woman feels it. What are you gain 20 lbs with your pregnancy or you gained 70 lb with your pregnancy discomfort is just a matter of life. Let us less than that discomfort for you with a prenatal massage Tulsa. Discomfort doesn’t have to be the focus of your new experience. Our goal is to encourage the health and vitality of your Bonnie from the inside to the outside.

To bring Comfort to the body, sometimes all that’s needed is realignment. What do I mean by this? Everybody has a format. every Anatomy student learns this. We even learn a little bit in science class. we all know about the heart, the lungs, where your rib cage is, and that everything has its place. that’s alignment. Sometimes the discomfort you feel comes from the muscles, the bones, or the organs being out of place or out of alignment. Relaxation and massage techniques can be used to put things back into place. Let us schedule a prenatal massage Tulsa for you today.

Our sessions are a full one hour. Let us schedule your first session for $40. Come in and see what we can do for you. expectant mothers often experience acid reflux, nausea, neck tension, bloating, back pain, and more. We take these as an everyday normal experience through pregnancy. They do not have to be an everyday occurrence. Let us bring a little more comfort and relaxation to your new experience as an expectant mother. When mother and baby I relaxed an alignment is brought back into place baby has plenty of room to grow and Mommy’s discomfort is less. Schedule your prenatal massage Tulsa today.

We deal with all kinds of issues from anxiety that creates tension throughout the body to pain relief for gallstones to discomfort and expectant mothers. Would you not diagnose our patients. your issue may require a medical diagnosis. we do have medical doctors refer our patients to us to lessen their discomfort. Sometimes a prescription in a bottle isn’t the answer. Let us help you relax in a more natural way in a more natural environment. Massage and realignment help the body return to a healing pattern from the inside out. Let us create that for you.

We like to work with the body and the systems that are in the body for realignment and to address each core issue for each individual that comes to us. Check out our website at www.motilitybodywork.com and be sure to watch the testimonial videos that our clients have offered to us. We want you to be comfortable with us and in your everyday life. Less stress equals more comfort. Tension creates stress in the body due to such things as anxiety and some physical discomfort such as acid reflux back pain and neck pain and more. Call us today at (918) 641-4410 or visit us online to schedule your appointment. That first full hour is only $40.