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When a client comes in for a massage therapy session, the massage therapist will often find that there is some trauma in the person’s body that needs to be addressed. This trauma can take several forms. The trauma can be birth trauma from the way in which the person was born. It can be trauma from when the person was in Utero. The trauma can be physical trauma such as a car wreck or a tailbone fall or something of that nature. The trauma can also be mental and emotional trauma. Perhaps there is stress in the person’s life. Perhaps there has been mental or emotional abuse that has gone on then you need Prenatal Massage Tulsa.

The trauma in the body can also have a nutritional aspect. It can have to do with the Diet that the person is eating. Perhaps they are eating something that they are sensitive to, such as wheat or gluten or even sometimes healthy foods such as berries or nuts or apples or coconut oil, these sorts of things. The trauma can also have a sexual nature and of course the sexual trauma may is going to cross over into mental trauma and physical trauma as well. So when a person comes in for a massage therapy session, it is important for the massage therapist to have all of these things in mind and to be aware of how these things may manifest during the massage therapy session. So let’s talk first about birth trauma or trauma that happens in utero. This can take several different forms.

Let’s say that during the pregnancy mom is under a lot of stress. For some reason perhaps a family member has died or a close friend has died. This is going to have a significant impact on her, particularly if there is a lot of closeness and particularly if there was an extended period throughout which this happened. Perhaps um, a parent was sick with cancer and their final months of life was very, very difficult. This trauma is going to be picked up and perceived by the baby and the baby’s actions, the baby’s sense of how things are in life are going to be greatly affected. Now trends on the other side of it. The mom’s stress or lack thereof can also have a very, very positive effect on the baby. If the baby perceives that mom is happy that things are going well, that things are safe, that things are good, this is going to have another effect on the baby. Work with these guys to get the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa today!

How is this going to come out when the baby is born? Well, you see during the time in Utero, the babies, the baby is preparing for life. It is doing so mentally. It is doing so emotionally and it is doing so physically. So the body is going through various motions. That kidneys are learning how to work in Utero. The mouth is learning how to suck in Utero. The esophagus is learning how to swallow. The gut is learning how to work. So the baby is very much learning how things ought to happen in life. And this is true of the emotional state as well. The baby is learning how things are on the outside and how things are to be dealt with. And so the experience that the baby has in Utero, whether it’s a good experience, where a bad experience is going to be carried over into the childhood and even into the adult life or this is something that is difficult for many people to understand and it’s difficult for many people to perceive. Massage by a knowledgeable massage therapist can significantly help here. You will enjoy this amazing company because they offer the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa!

However, for the person who has undergone significant trauma in Utero, it is not hard for them to understand and not hard for them to perceive. When a massage therapist connects the dots for them, they immediately know, Oh yes, that’s the reason I am the way I that I am. This experience has given me some of my weaknesses and this experience has given me some of my strengths. Please call 918-641-4410 as soon as you can for the best services today! Also go to motilitybodywork.com as soon as you can!

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Even though I’m referring to all these things as trauma, these things can have positive effects as well. For example, a person who has undergone some trauma will have a heightened sense of awareness. Their senses are on high alert as it were, and they will be often sensitive to things that are noisy. Use this company for the top Prenatal Massage Tulsa now!

They will be sensitive to things that are disruptive. They will be sensitive to things that don’t fit. This can be very inconvenient those times and they will wish that they were able to turn it all off as it were, but it can also have some very positive effects. This person may also be able to notice when something is wrong with somebody else, they will be able to perceive that there is trouble. They will be able to perceive that something is out of place and they will be able to address that problem more easily and more quickly and more fully. Just please contact these guys now for the best Prenatal Massage Tulsa.

This trauma may also develop an intenseness in a person you’ve all known, somebody who is very laid back and very relaxed and doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry anytime, anywhere, and you’ve all met the person who is the exact opposite. They’re always, they’re very intense. They’re always going, they’re always driven, they’re always pushing. They will not relax and they will not let go until they have accomplished their goal and once they’ve accomplished that goal, they’re onto the next one.

This can also be a direct result of the experiences that they have had in utero. Some of that intenseness is going to be learned while they are in the womb and it demonstrates itself in their intenseness and their ability to get things done as an adult. So even though I use the word trauma, this is part of what makes us unique. Yes, we want it, we want to address it. We don’t want the negative effects of this trauma to control us. We don’t want it to harm us, but we also need to realize that there are positive effects of this trauma as well.

A great example of this sort of thing would be some people who have autism very often or autistic, they have a significant number of weaknesses such as in their social abilities or in their verbal skills or things like this. But that weakness may be offset by an extraordinary mathematical ability or an extraordinary way of engineering or an extraordinary way of doing art. So what we sometimes perceive as a negative can be offset by something that is very, very positive as well. So as a massage therapist, I need to be sensitive to how my clients are responding to the various therapies that I am giving them. One may respond one way, another may respond another way, and the way that they are responding may have a direct or may be the direct result of their experience in utero. Now that you know, use Prenatal Massage Tulsa from this company now! Use these guys by calling them at 918-641-4410 or go to motilitybodywork.com as soon as you can!