The next question that I would like to address is what sorts of results can a woman expect? Who gets regular prenatal massage and body work during her pregnancy? Obviously she is looking for not only comfort during her pregnancy but for a good outcome during the birthing process. Most of the clients who see me are looking to have a natural birth. They want the baby to come out easy and with few complications. They want their, their pelvis to open up properly. They want their, their body to respond properly so that they can feel better so that they can recover better and so that they can take better care of their babies. Now, aside from how the baby is going to be affected, it is really, really important for mom to feel good as well. So there is many times where I have had clients report to me how they are feeling and how they are doing after they have had a prenatal massage.

Women would say things like, I was so sore before I had my prenatal massage, but now I can go for a walk and feel great. When her muscles are balanced, when her bones and ligaments are in the right place, then she’s going to be able to carry that baby weight and much, much more comfortably and she’s going to have a lot less discomfort during her everyday movements. Somebody else might say everybody was at Church was commenting about how relaxed I look after my prenatal massage. This particular woman had a uterus that was very, very tight for some reason and she was late along in her pregnancy. After we worked with her. Then her uterus was able to relax and her belly was or her baby was able to drop and her belly actually visibly got significantly bigger and and was able to carry the baby much, much more comfortably. That same woman later went to her midwife and her midwife also commented about how much more relaxed her uterus was now that she had tension removed from it. A prenatal massage will not only make the mom more comfortable, it will also allow the work of other professionals, such as chiropractors, midwives, and doctors to be more effective.

Another really big reason for getting a prenatal massage is when women are trying to do a VBAC and a VBAC is a vaginal birth after cesarean, so she’s already had babies before they came out of C-section, but now she wants to have a natural vaginal birth and sometimes the doctors will not do this because it does complicate the situation a little bit when we’ve had prior and so that is an even bigger piece whereby prenatal massage will play a role in that instance in particular. It is critical that the pelvis be able to move, that the pelvic floor is relaxed and that the tailbone or the sacrum is able to move and float out of the way as well. You see all these things have to open up and they have to move when the baby is coming through and a prenatal massage can address these things and of course there’s many times that mom just wants to feel better.

Many times women feel uncomfortable during pregnancy and this is not a natural thing. It’s not. It is very common, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. She should feel bigger, of course, but she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. She shouldn’t have the pains and the bloating and the discomfort and the difficulty and moving and these sorts of things. This is an important reason that a prenatal massage is part of the overall plan. Pregnancy is a good and natural part of what her body can do and if we work to keep her body in its optimal condition than she is going to feel much, much better throughout the pregnancy and she will probably have a better recovery after the birth as well. If she has received quality prenatal massages. She has, not just during the pregnancy that we want to take the tension off of the body, but we want the body to be in its best physical shape so that after the baby comes out, it can go back into its previous state a little bit more easily and with less complications. A body that is in good condition and has had the tension released by prenatal massages is in excellent shape for the postpartum recovery period. We don’t just want mom to be comfortable during the pregnancy but we want her recovery time to be successful as well.