You may wonder if you are a good candidate for a prenatal massage. Now in this episode, I’d like to address a few common things where someone may wish to seek out a prenatal massage. Now obviously the first thing is pregnancy. How early on in the pregnancy is this a good idea? Well, quite simply the earlier the better. Many times women will come to me for a prenatal massage when they are at the very end of their pregnancy and perhaps the doctor has said that the baby is transverse or the baby is too high or something of that nature and they’re concerned about um, how the baby is going to come out. They are trying to have a natural birth and they want to a prenatal massage in order to have that natural birth. Now sometimes we can make quite a difference even at that lead stage in the game.

However, it is better and much more effective if the work is done proactively rather than reactively. So for a prenatal massage, generally my recommendation is the earlier the better. And then the next question is how often should she have the prenatal massage? Well the, it really depends on what her body is doing. If she has a number of physical complications, perhaps she’s having low back pain or hip pain or nausea or bloating or leg pain or you know something is going on whereby she needs a little bit more help with the pregnancy obviously then I’m going to recommend a more frequent visit. However, if she is generally fit and healthy and things are progressing quite well, then I will recommend that she come in for a prenatal massage less often, probably once a month or so. If some things change with her and she decides that it would be helpful to have a prenatal massage a little bit more often.

Of course we can change it down the road, but if mom is fit and healthy and everything is progressing along just fine and often it is. Then once a month is really a kind of a good standard to come in for a prenatal massage. Let’s just see if some of the muscles are getting tight, if the hips are still moving and these sorts of things help mom feel better now there is is one more thing that needs to be said about the timeframe and that is that there is a time when there should not be intensive work done on mom, particularly with the hips, with the pelvis, with any organs that need to have tension taken off of them, that sort of thing and that is between 12 and 16 weeks. That is a very, very important time for the infant development and there’s a lot of changes going on in that particular timeframe. A lot of important changes and that is a time where we want to back off of the work. It’s okay for a mom to have something a little more superficial done. Perhaps her neck is bothering her and she needs a little bit of work there. That sort of thing would be fine, but anything intensive and anything with the pelvis, we need to stay away from that during the 12 to 16 week period. But before that and after that, yes, it is recommended.

To summarize, a prenatal massage is recommended from the beginning of the pregnancy, taking a break during the 12 to 16 week period. The frequency of the prenatal massage will depend on a few factors. If mom is comfortable and healthy, one prenatal massage per month is just fine. Of course, if she wants a prenatal massage more often, then that is just fine too. If mom is having a bit more trouble or is trying to do a VBAC or something like that, then it is recommended that she receive a prenatal massage every 1-2 weeks.

One of the more difficult things that women encounter during their pregnancy is the feelings of nausea or morning sickness. A good prenatal massage therapist will know about this and we’ll be able to do some things to help alleviate these symptoms. Now, the symptoms of nausea are not

The symptoms of nausea are caused by the hormonal changes within the woman’s body. These hormonal changes will often tighten up an area in her abdomen known as the solar plexus. Inside the solar plexus, there is a valve where her gallbladder and her pancreas put their fluids into the digestive system. For some reason or another. It seems that the hormones tend to close this valve and not allow things to work properly. If the tension is taken off, then often the feelings of nausea will be reduced or possibly eliminated. No. During the prenatal massage therapy session, it’s important to do this work at the appropriate time. If the woman is well advanced into her pregnancy somewhere in the later part of the third trimester, she really shouldn’t be spending a whole lot of time on her back to get this work done. This work is most appropriate early on in the pregnancy when those feelings are usually most intense and

a few minutes on her back safely without danger of compromising her blood flow at all. Now because this problem is hormone related, there is always the chance that the hormones were override the work that the prenatal massage therapist does. The prenatal massage therapists may be able to take off the tension, but the hormones do sometimes have the ability to reverse the work that has been done. The hormones are a powerful thing and sometimes they simply cannot be overwritten, so prenatal massage therapy is going to address a number of things that are going on with a woman’s body. They will address some of the tension that her that are in her neck and shoulders. It will also address some of the tension that is in the uterus. Prenatal massage therapy will address the tension that is in the pelvis and will address specifically the tension that is in the pelvic floor and all of these things.

The prenatal massage therapist has a goal of balancing the woman’s body. We want her to feel comfortable in her body so that she can take the best possible care of her baby. Prenatal massage therapy differs greatly from a traditional spa massage. A traditional spot massage will feel great for a while, perhaps for an hour while it is happening and maybe a little bit later on as well. However, prenatal massage therapy is designed to make changes to the woman’s body so that she feels more comfortable in her body and so that her body can take better care of the baby. Of course, we don’t just want her to feel more comfortable during the pregnancy, but we also want her to have a more successful labor and delivery as well. This is why it’s important to release the Sacrum, to release the pelvic floor and to release all the surrounding tissues so that baby can descend and exit the womb safely and without complications. If the baby can do this, then mum is also less likely to have complications due to tearing or the baby getting stuck or that sort of thing. Also, this will also promote a faster recovery time after the baby is born.

As with any profession is important to choose somebody who is skilled and well trained in this work in order to get the best results. It is not as though all prenatal massage therapy is the same. You should be looking for someone who has personal, extensive experience in the prenatal care realm so that you can experienced the best results with your prenatal massage therapy.