Top Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Does Your Pregnancy Offer You Optimum Functionality?

Does your pregnancy offer you Optimum functionality? Have you ever been asked that before? What is optimal functionality while you’re pregnant? What we mean is does your pregnancy allow you to function normally? That brings up another question. What is a normal when it comes to pregnancy? Every pregnancy comes with discomfort. We’ve all accepted that as a fact of life. But you have to accept all those discomforts? For the top prenatal massage Tulsa, call motility Body Works. Or visit our website.

So Optimum functionality, what is it? Sometimes discomfort takes over your life when you’re pregnant and nothing feels normal. When you normalize how to realign the systems in your body you feel so much better. When you feel better and allow your body to relax stress free, you provide the best environment for your baby. You also provide a positive mindset for yourself because nobody feels positive when they feel like crumb. feeling positive while having morning sickness, back pain, acid reflux, or bloating just doesn’t happen. That’s the downside to pregnancy. We can help you with that. Are the top prenatal massage Tulsa, give us a call. Visit our website and view the video testimonials other clients have offered us and see what we have done for them. This should also show you the possibilities what we can do for you.

So how is it that we can normalize and realign systems in your body so that you feel better? We deal with the three main systems in the body. The first system being your bones. not many people stop and think about the alignment of your bones unless they’re talking about your spine and then it’s a whole different use of vocabulary. But the alignment of your bones matter. The muscles are your bones support system and Alignment also matters there. That third system I mentioned is your organs. Yes, organs have an alignment system too. For instance, did you know there’s a valve between your stomach and the esophagus that has one job. That job is to allow food to go into the stomach and she keep acid from working its way back up. tension can sometimes prevent this little valve from doing its job . so visit us and let us relieve your tension. for expectant moms, a top prenatal massage Tulsa can be effective for tension release.

Our sessions usually last about an hour. Releasing tension and realigning the body systems involved needing freedom of movement. Keep this in mind when you schedule your first appointment. Yoga pants and other athletic wear work wonderfully for freedom of movement. After all, that’s what they were designed for – movement. during your first session we usually do an assessment. This assessment may involve discussing medical issues that you have had in the past or currently so that we can get to the underlying problem. our first session is only $40. We would love to set up an assessment appointment for you today.

Motility Bodywork would love to help you realign your body so that the healing from the inside to the outside can begin. Let us add Comfort to your life and released tension. Visit our website to learn more about us at www.motilitybodywork.com and don’t forget to view the testimonials from our other clients so you can see the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you. Call us today at (918) 641-4410. We’re also available on social media on Facebook.

Top Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Do You Want the Best Environment for Your Baby?

Do you want the best environment for your baby? we all want what’s best for our baby. And we all want to provide them with the best things. But what about the best environment for your baby while you’re still waiting on its arrival? That’s an altogether different story. To provide a better atmosphere for your baby while you’re waiting on its arrival into the world, most women take prenatal vitamins, continue exercises and stretching, and try not to think too much about all the discomforts that come with that 9 months stint of time. motility Bodywork can help you with some of the discomfort that occurs during pregnancy. for a top prenatal massage Tulsa, give them a call at (918) 641-4410. Or visit the website. Www.motilitybodywork.com

Pregnancy comes with all kinds of issues of discomfort such as acid reflux, neck tension, back pain, bloating, and even having your hands fall asleep. motility Body Works believes that tension and stress in the body and the dis alignment of certain systems in the body can create these issues for people in general as well as expectant mothers. our goal at motility Body Works is to achieve attention free environment within the body that promotes healing from the inside to the outside. Please understand we do not diagnose our clients. Diagnosis are for medical professionals. While we may discuss some of your medical issues both past and present, we are not diagnosing you. we believe in realignment and tension release in the body to alleviate a lot of is discomforts that you’re feeling. For new mommies one way for alleviating tension and stress in the body is to have a top prenatal massage Tulsa.

Each individual client has their own individual core needs. We want to address each unique situation to the best of our ability. But initial assessment session allows us to do just that. for expectant mothers who desire that top prenatal massage Tulsa, wheel of assisting new moms with tension release and providing a better environment for mom and baby. realigning your muscle system, your bones, and even your organs allows for adequate room for baby to grow and a more comfortable mom. When these two things come together good things happen. We want a good, positive prenatal experience for all of our expectant mothers. Why is this important to us? Allan Guenther and his wife Pam I have six children. Five of those children were home births. They understand how different age pregnancy can be and how important a good Environment for mom and baby really are.

Let us schedule you for your first session today. We offer that first session for just $40. This is an assessment session and will require freedom of movement. Please wear comfortable clothes when you schedule your first session and any other session that you happen to schedule an attend with this in mind. Yoga pants and athletic where are the proper Comfort close for these type of sessions. Please give us a call or visit our website with any questions you might have about your session.

When you visit our website looking for more information, be sure to view our testimonial videos located on our website as well. We love being able to share the positive goals we’ve achieved with previous clients. some of our clients are referred to us by their medical professionals. Other clients are referred by other clients. Some even just find Us online. No matter how you found us we’re looking forward to that first assessment appointment. Schedule with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you. That website again is www.motilitybodywork.com. Or give us a call at (918) 641-4410.