Top Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Are You Pregnant in Need of a Masseuse?

Are you pregnant and in need of a masseuse? Did you ever think that a masseuse could be good for pregnancy? People generally associate pregnancy with discomfort. But you do know that your pregnancy doesn’t have to be full of discomfort as expected? Just Comfort increases tension I’m stressed. By decreasing these discomforts and returning Mom to a more normalized state to, her body functions optimally and she feels so much better. When Mommy feels better, then the environment is improved for baby and a pregnancy is overall more positive.Sound like something you want to experience? Count motility body work today for the top prenatal massage Tulsa. I let us help you normalize your pregnancy Discomfort.

While we speak of normalizing the discomfort of pregnancy and bringing that down to a more Comfortable level, we realize that each individual pregnancy, as well as each individual, expected mama has their own set of individual needs. We like to assess the core needs of each individual who seeks us out. Where do you offer the amazing freedom of more comfort two others who are not expectant mothers. however expectant mothers do experience some of the issues that we deal with such as acid reflux, back pain, nausea, neck pain and tension, and bloating to name a few. Whether you’re pregnant or not if you are experiencing any of these uncomfortable Facts of Life, look us up and let’s see what we can do for you. We offer top prenatal massage Tulsa and motility bodywork.

Allan Guenther has been married to his wife Pam for 20 years. Between the two of them they have six children. Yes you heard me right. I said 6 children. And believe it or not five of those six children were home births! Ideas of having a midwife and a home birth seem long forgotten. believe it or not they are very much part of Modern Life. They’re just not modern ideas. Modern medicine means going to a dr. While we do not diagnose our clients, we do have medical doctors refer their patients to us. enjoy being an alternative solution to discomfort. It’s nice to be able to offer another option for the relief of bloating, acid reflux, and menstrual pain. 4 top prenatal massage Tulsa, give us a call.

Here at motility Bodywork, what is a variety of disciplines to assess and create a process to help our clients achieve that desired level of comfort and their life. What variety of disciplines am I talking about? Your body has three systems that all work together to create Harmony Within. The first system is your bones. sister number 2 consists of your muscles. I’m at 3rd system consist of your organs. When any one of these areas of your body is out of alignment, discomfort is a factor. Let us help you alleviate the discomfort in your life by returning alignment to the systems within your body and achieving health from the inside out.

Visit our website online or give us a call at our office to schedule an appointment with us today. Our sessions are usually 1 hour long and we’re offering you the first session for $40. During that first session we do an assessment. during assessment we want you to be comfortable so please wear clothes that allow freedom of movement such as yoga pants and activewear. during this assessment we may actually discuss medical issues that you are having even though we are not a medical facility and do not diagnose our clients. We do however want to address the underlying issues and not just the symptoms. When you visit our website to learn more about us please include the viewing Eva testimonials I have left for us. We look forward to hearing from you today.

Top Prenatal Massage Tulsa | Is Your Pregnancy More Uncomfortable Than Expected?

Is your pregnancy more uncomfortable than expected? Is a level of discomfort you feel more than you bargained for? Would you like some relief? Some might consider that an idiotic question. Follow others just assume that discomfort is a part of pregnancy and something to be dealt with on a daily basis. Motility Bodywork offers the top prenatal massage Tulsa for expectant moms. if you feel that your pregnancy could be more comfortable and are willing consult with us, we will gladly schedule a session for you today.

Allan Guenther has been married for 20 years to his wife Pam. They have six children. Pam and Allan had five home births.So you can believe if they understand what an expectant mom is going through whether it’s her first pregnancy or her 7th pregnancy. we all understand that each person deals with discomfort differently. Each pregnancy also offers its own set of discomforts. Visit Alan at motility Body Works for a top prenatal massage Tulsa today. how long is goal in helping new moms it’s to get her body to function optimally so that she feels better. When a pregnant woman feels better and is more relaxed she’s able to provide the best environment and care for the baby. This means baby has plenty of room to grow and isn’t stressed so mommy isn’t stressed either. good things are the result of a happy baby and a Happy Mama.

At motility Body Works we also offer relief from discomforts such as acid reflux, menstrual pain, IT band pain, nausea, back pain, neck tension, bloating, Whiplash, and more. please understand that Motility Body Works we do not diagnose clients. Diagnosis are for doctors and medical professionals. We do however offer an alternative to discomfort caused by issues listed here and more. For more information about us and what we offer, please visit our website or schedule an appointment with us today. When you visit our website, be sure to view our testimonial so that you can know what our clients have to say about their achievement and success with us. You can find the top prenatal massage Tulsa at motility body works

Motility Body Works enjoys working with people and achieving releasing tension that offers more Comfort throughout your life allowing you more freedom. We assess each individual’s core needs. This assessment may include talks of medical history so that we can determine whether or not we are actually treating the underlying cause or the symptoms your issues such as acid reflux or bloating or back pain. Treating the symptoms it doesn’t offer you long term freedom and comfort. It’s a temporary fix. We want to offer you a long-term goal. This long-term goal deals with three areas of the body. Each area has to be aligned to avoid discomfort. the first area is your bones. Most people don’t think of Bones as being a line however your spinal column also is made up of Bones called vertebrae. The second system is muscles which most people think of when we say the word massage. Your muscles are your support system for those bones. Your organs make up the third system in the body.

Give us a call and let us make that assessment for you today. Your first one-hour session is only $40. We can’t wait to work with you and help you achieve your comfort goals. Let’s get rid of that knee pain, back pain, bloating, acid reflux, or whatever it is that you’re experiencing. Kickin my we don’t diagnose our clients we are here to help alleviate discomfort. Give us a call and schedule that first $40 session for one hour today. Visit our website at To learn more.