C-Section Scar Release Therapy




Our C-section Scar Release Therapy is designed to help women recover from scar discomfort and pain. Scarring can cause a feeling of tightness and stretching at the scar site, general discomfort, incontinence, inability to fully empty the bladder, pain during intercourse, lower back pain, pelvic floor pain, and even neck pain. 

We use micro currents to release thickened scar tissues and manual therapy to increase motility. For more information about C-Section Scars,  our approach, and results, please read our C-Section Scars: Symptoms and Solutions resource guide. This treatment can benefit anyone that has had a C-section over 20 years ago or just 6 weeks ago.

Allan has helped me with pain issues I had from two C-sections. What he offers is so helpful and unlike anything, I’ve experienced before. He’s knowledgeable and an all-around nice guy. You will trust him right off the bat! I recommend him to all of my friends!