Our Services

Our services include one-hour sessions. During the first session, we will go over a medical history. It is important to get a big picture view so that we are working with the core issues rather than just the symptoms. During the session, we may be working particularly with the muscles/bones/ligaments, the organs, or with the cranio-sacral system. It is likely that we will do some combination of this work. The reasons that clients come to me are many and complex.

Below are a few examples of our services and what could be focused on during a session. Please note that I do not diagnose clients. My role is to release tension in various parts of the body and to work with the health of the body to promote healing. When tension is released, the body has a surprising ability to heal itself. The reasons for the symptoms below are many and complex. Your situation is unique and may require a professional diagnosis. 


The principle that I employ when working with women who are pregnant is to normalize the mother. When her body is functioning optimally, she feels so much better. This in turn allows her body to provide the best environment and care for the baby. Very often, mom’s body is trying to do the right thing but it just needs a bit of help. Things that are often addressed during pregnancy work is a general organization, hip mobility, pelvic floor release, and a uterus release. When the baby has adequate room and mom is comfortable, good things are the result.

Acid Reflux:

There is a valve between the stomach and the esophagus that is called the cardia. Its role is to allow food to go into the stomach and to keep the acid from working back up into the esophagus. When there is tension in that valve, acid reflux can result.

Menstrual Pain:

This is very often accompanied by a long, heavy period. Additionally, a previous tailbone injury is also common. However, removing the tension around the uterus and ovaries often provides immediate and significant relief. A pleasant side effect of this work is that the release of tension affects the bladder as well and many women report increased bladder control.

IT Band Pain:

This is often a side effect of long distance running or it can be from incorrect weigh bearing in the hips. The IT band tends to get stuck to either the quads or the hamstrings and causes pain on the outside of the legs and often just on the outside of the knee. Releasing the IT band can help significantly.


Very often this is accompanied by a tight solar plexus – the place just below the sternum. In the solar plexus, we have the sphincter of oddi – the place where both the gallbladder and pancreas give their fluids to the digestive system. If there is tension and the fluids cannot flow freely, nausea is sometimes the result.


I cannot remove the gallstones but I can release the tension in the area so that the bile can flow freely. It is then advisable to speak to a naturopath about gall bladder health.

Pelvic Pain:

This is a very complex area that can be greatly affected by previous trauma, childbirth, a tailbone fall, and incorrect weightbearing. For many people, releasing the pelvic floor, removing tension from the small intestine, and repositioning the legs can significantly affect this issue.

Back Pain:

This can stem from a variety of causes. Chiropractic is an excellent first approach but in addition to chiropractic care, tension in the organs should be considered. The small intestine and kidneys will often cause low back pain. The liver and spleen will cause mid back and shoulder pain. The lungs can cause pain between the shoulder blades.

Neck Tension:

A very common complaint – particularly as it relates to the back of the neck. Very often, something will be pulling down/forward on the front of the neck. This causes the muscles in the back to “hang on for dear life.” When the shoulders are reset and the tension in the front is released, the tension in the back is addressed much more easily and thoroughly.


Sometimes people dread chiropractic work after an accident because they know it will be painful. Their neck is “locked up” and cannot be adjusted easily. Releasing the neck tension before chiropractic work can have significant benefits in regard to both the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment.


Along with global tension in the solar plexus, there are 5 valves that the food must pass through that can also cause trouble. Releasing these valves with abdominal/visceral work can be quite helpful.

Knee Pain:

Unless there has been a specific injury, knee pain does not usually originate in the knee. It usually comes from either the feet or the hips. Optimizing both of these areas can have significant benefits. Many times, the kneecap will get stuck and cannot move freely. It is often evidenced by a client who states that they have to wait a while to walk after first standing up. Releasing the kneecap can result in increased comfort and range of motion.

Hands Fall Asleep:

There are nerves and blood vessels that pass through the neck muscles and chest muscles. It’s called the Brachial Plexus. When these vessels and nerves get constricted by the muscles, the hands tend to get tingly and fall asleep. Immediate and dramatic changes can happen when the muscles are released.



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