Pregnancy Journey

Prenatal Bodywork

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Bodywork and massage therapy supports the mother and baby by focusing on function, alleviating discomfort, easing tension, and soothing stress.


Our Prenatal sessions focus on functional mobility and body organization. Prenatal Care sessions often include diaphragm release, shoulder release, easing back and neck tension, hip flexor and rotator release, sacrum release, external pelvic floor release, uterus release, solar plexus release, increasing hip mobility and relieving nausea. Sessions can also focus on preparing the body for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section), if needed.


During the labor and delivery process the body is producing hormones that contribute to a vaginal delivery and also the production of breast milk. When these changes occur, a common side effect is that some of the muscles in the chest become tight and start to pull the shoulders forward. This in turn causes a rounded shoulder posture and pain between the shoulder blades or in the neck. Bodywork often has an immediate and dramatic effect on this tension. The pelvis has also undergone a particular strain during natural childbirth and sometimes has trouble letting go of some of the tension created during the birth. Bodywork can help to bring the pelvis back to balance to facilitate the healing and recovery process.
Bodywork postpartum helps alleviate the body from the tension and stress of pregnancy and childbirth including lower back, sciatic, hip, knee and, shoulder pain. These pains may occur months or years after.

Bodywork is also beneficial for new parents to help relieve stress  and aches on the body from new movements, such as bending down and picking up the baby, holding and feeding the baby and carrying bags and strollers. 

C-Section Scar Release Therapy:

 Our C-section Scar Release program is designed to help women recover from the scar discomfort and pain. Scarring can cause a feeling of tightness and stretching at the scar site, general discomfort, incontinence, inability to fully empty the bladder, pain during intercourse, lower back pain, pelvic floor pain and even neck pain. 

We use micro currents to release thickened scar tissues and manual therapy to increase motility. For more information about C-Section Scars, please read our
C-Section Scars: Symptoms and Solutions resource guide for more information about our approach and results. This treatment can benefit anyone that has had a C-section over 20 years ago or just 6 weeks ago. 

“Allan has helped me with pain issues I had from 2 c-sections. What he offers is so helpful and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. He’s knowledgeable and an all around nice guy. You will trust him right off the bat! I recommend him to all of my friends!”

– Andrea


Motility Bodywork believes that every pregnancy and postpartum journey is unique. Each session is tailored to the mother’s needs and requests. 

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