Motility Bodywork believes that every pregnancy and postpartum journey is unique. Each session is tailored to the mother’s needs and requests.

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience. However, it can be very stressful on a woman’s body. While the mother is doing her best, bodywork is a tool that can help allow the body to function optimally.

Pregnancy bodywork can include

  • neck & shoulder release
  • diaphragm release
  • hip mobility
  • uterus release
  • pelvic floor release
  • round ligament release
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Our Prenatal sessions focus on functional mobility and body organization. Our goal at Motility BodyWork is to help support a woman and make pregnancy more comfortable.

Holding tension can make it harder for a body to do what it does best. By releasing tension with motility work, you are helping your body be its best self and help you and baby feel your best during this time. 

Prenatal bodywork focuses on organizing the mother’s body so that she is more comfortable and her body is able to take better care of the baby. We operate under the premise that the mother’s body is trying to do the right thing as it changes and grows. We are trying to help.

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During the labor and delivery process, the body is producing hormones that contribute to vaginal delivery and also the production of breast milk. When these changes occur, a common side effect is that some of the muscles in the chest become tight and start to pull the shoulders forward. This in turn causes a rounded shoulder posture and pain between the shoulder blades or in the neck. Bodywork often has an immediate and dramatic effect on this tension. 

The pelvis has also undergone a particular strain during natural childbirth and sometimes has trouble letting go of some of the tension created during the birth. Bodywork can help to bring the pelvis back to balance to facilitate the healing and recovery process.

Bodywork postpartum can help alleviate the body from the tension and stress of pregnancy and childbirth including lower back, sciatic, hip, knee, and, shoulder pain. These pains may occur months or years after. It isis also beneficial for new parents to help relieve stress and aches in the body from new movements, such as bending down and picking up the baby, holding and feeding the baby, and carrying bags and strollers.

Please note, we do not diagnose. Your particular situation may require a professional diagnosis. Our role in motility work is to release tension in various parts of the body and work with the body as a whole to promote healing. The body has the amazing ability to help heal itself when tensions are released.